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Rudraksha Therapy

Strict confidentiality is maintained at all times, hence requests for references are not entertained whatsoever.

Typically, therapy begins with a one-on-one interview of the subject to enable the therapist to gain a deep insight into the case history and the underlying problem. The history/problem is documented by the therapist, after which a bead(s) suitable for the specific problem is selected by him and given to the subject. Instructions on how to use the bead(s) are given. Thereafter, the client is asked to visit the therapist again after about 45 days. Results usually begin to manifest within 45 days of using the bead. It may sometimes be necessary to change a bead or beads depending on the feedback received from the subject.

It is commonplace for people to relate their experience of the first interview with the therapist as elevating and cathartic, bringing with it a sense of lightness and hope. The positive shift that starts as a trickle turns into a shower by the end of about 45 days from the start of therapy.

Most importantly, the therapy is totally harmless and without adverse side effects whatsoever. Interestingly, there have been instances when unexpected beneficial results have been obtained even in those areas where help from therapy was neither sought nor anticipated. human hair uk And that comes as a pleasant surprise to the subject.


Telephonic interview with the therapist may be availed of in case a person is unable to visit personally. The case history will be taken over the phone, and a suitable bead will be dispatched through courier. read more...