full lace wigs P K SRIVASTAVA, who runs the REAL RUDRAKSHA CENTRE in Mumbai for the last 24 years without interruption, is a full-time consulting rudraksha therapist. The centre was first established on 2nd May 1988 at Ram-Nimi in South Mumbai district of Colaba, behind The Taj Mahal Hotel, solely with the purpose of resurrecting the ancient art and demonstrating its efficacy through therapy. He is the only rudraksha therapist who, in therapeutic practice, has remained true and faithful to the age-old, traditional doctrines as laid down in the Shiva Puranam. Consequently, he has achieved the unique distinction of having successfully treated thousands of people the world over for a wide spectrum of ailments and problems with a remarkable success rate of 97%, which is no mean achievement. He mastered the esoteric art of healing with rudraksha at the hands of his late father, Shri Rajendra Narain Srivastava.

He is credited as the ONLY 3rd generation practitioner of the therapy in a day and age when scores of charlatans have made it a flourishing business of pushing fake rudraksha beads on to unsuspecting users by promising them the moon. A case in point is the in-your-face media blitz (esp. through TV and SMS campaigns) set in motion by touts looking to make a fast buck with the so-called one-mukhi rudraksha being singled out for bargain sale offers from Rs 1,000/- to Rs 3,000/-. The REAL one-faced bead, being among the rarest of rare rudrakshas, can be likened to the holy grail. And yet the market is flooded with this rare and coveted bead as if it were some mass-manufactured commodity whose supply could be augmented at will to meet the exploding demand. This is complete mockery of intelligence opportunism fraud and sacrilege human hair uk all in the name of Lord Shiva himself, who is symbolized by none other than this sacred one-faced rudraksha bead. .